What Richard Maize Says About Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Sustainability

Richard about social entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability says that, “We hear about Socially conscious, social entrepreneurship, and corporate l sustainability collectively a lot, and with better reason. Social entrepreneurship calls for businesses to be socially conscious–and, if deemed so appropriately, these businesses will probably have corporate sustainability, or value for a long time period through a “green” strategy assisting the natural environment and considering each measurement of the way a business operates in the economic, social and cultural environment. Socially conscious business models have grabbed a lot of attention lately. This is clear simply by walking through the doors of the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship in New York City, an entire community, co-working space and launch pad built particularly for entrepreneurs beginning socially conscious businesses. This shift toward social entrepreneurship isn’t constrained to small brands and startups. Large, well set- up companies like Patagonia have made socially conscious business practises the platform of their organisations which was founded on a three-pronged objective “to construct best products, do no unnecessary damage and to use business to encourage solutions to the environmental crisis”.

Even corporations which have been always considered “traditional,” (translation: stuck in their ways) have been taking large strokes to emerge as more socially conscious.Daily Finance cites Walmart, Waste Management, and Unilever as three of five unexpected corporations which have been green–the final concentrated absolutely on “changing its business model with focus on sustainability.” The takeaway? Socially conscious business practises are not simply just a “perk” now or a selling point for PR purposes. According to Richard, both from a business and profitability standpoint, and from a ethical standpoint, being socially conscious should be a requirement.

As far as appearances are concerned, from corporate to cultural steps and everything in between, we live in a world that cares about social entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability. It’s time we began continuously working on that feeling.”

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