What is G.S.T ? How will it effect you .

G.S.T stand for Goods & Services Tax is a single tax on the supply of goods and services. It is a destination based tax.
In simple words, G.S.T is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services and it’s
Law has replaced many indirect tax laws that previously existed in India.

                            GST is stated to be one of the biggest tax reforms in India, which would not only impact the businesses but also the common man.
The primary impact to be felt by the consumers would change in prices of goods and services on account of GST rates.
Do the same in the whole country. Straight snake estimation Goods and service tax bill Most people are happy after passing the unanimous resolution in the Lok Sabha. The opposition of the central government in this victory also. During the UPA rule, Congress wanted to launch GSM first. Over the past 10 years, there has been a raging debacle in the political mallabhum. But it is not possible to introduce Goods and Services Tax.
 Now Narendra Modi tigers forced to eat a creek water from the cows. Apart from the political victory, there is another aspect of Goods and Services Tax, which is called the Aam Adamic Sentiment. The game has not started yet. But there is still uncertainty about how much tax rate should be kept. It is believed that Aam Adamu’s response will be reflected in those comments. But the most important thing is the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax, which means that there is a lot of taxation on the content that has been spreading the glare. There are chances of decreasing product prices. It is thought that the buyer is generally happy. The state government is also happy to think that the revenue of the state will increase. The Centre will earn from CGSST, IGST, and its accountability is simplified. As a result, there is no end to happiness. But what startup companies will get if the GST is launched? That’s what needs to be wiped.
Keep in mind that the customer or buyer will normally get the GST money And it will charge the final dealer of this supply chain. Doing so will not be collected in step-by-step. The merchants will get the benefit of this. If you look at the government side, you can collect revenue with many cleaning. As a result, the deficit of the treasury so low that the speculation will also decrease the amount of deficit.

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