Top Three Ways To Measure The Success Of A PR Campaign

Whenever a PR agency runs a PR campaign, the company invests not only money but also a lot of effort into it. This makes it necessary to measure the success of a campaign undertaken by a PR agency. Moreover, measuring the success of a campaign helps to find out the loopholes so that effective strategies can be undertaken in the future to overcome all the problems and issues.

Even though measuring a successful PR campaign is not an easy task, various digital marketers have started initiating various marketing metrics to assess the success or failure of a campaign. Check out the top three effective methods that can help you understand the success of your PR campaign

Sales Stats

Sales play a crucial role in the Business to Consumer company. Even if PR does not necessarily give an impetus in the sales factor, it has the ability to make certain changes. A well-crafted digital PR campaign can result in significant sales over time. So, what are the factors that might be considered when measuring the sales strategy? The first most important factor that must be taken into consideration is location or territory.

It is essential to measure the sales volume by factors like location or territory because it helps in identifying the new opportunities in sales prospects. Top PR firms always revise and check their own PR strategies to see if there is any positive change in the sales figure. Another important point is to concentrate on both marketings as well as sales efforts in various lucrative regions. Time Frame also plays an important factor in determining the sales strategy.

One needs to check out how much sales were initiated by the PR campaign in a stipulated time period. For instance, one can make calculations of the sales after a day, or a week or month only when the digital PR campaign is commenced. The type of sales channel is also an essential factor which means you need to divide the sales data depending on the type of channel. For instance, one needs to check if the consumer preference was more on online store or offline after the campaign was initiated.

Social Media Reach

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter play an important role in calculating the success of a PR campaign. There are various advantages of calculating social media reach. One is that it allows the PR Agency in India to comprehend the context of the content and how far it has been successful in circulating on social media.

It also allows one to measure the growth rate of the audience and understand the latest algorithm related to the social media platform. The most feasible way to analyze the social media reach is to draw comparisons on the number of followers on various social media channels before starting the campaign. In the case of Facebook, the best way to measure the data is by calculating the organic reach related to the digital PR campaign and the average monthly reach for each post that is published within that designated time span.

3.Engagement On Social Media

Engagement on Social Media is another important factor to measure the success of a PR campaign. The key indicators of engagement are whether or not the consumer is opening an email and reading it, the retweeting likes and shares, clicking on the online advertisement, and positive or negative comments on social media.

The advantages of using engagement metrics are that it assists the Digital PR firm to recognize whether the message is written or the post made resonates with the targeted audience and also allows one to understand how brands, products as well as services are perceived by the potential customers. Engagement on social media can be measured by using sites like Meltwater and Hootsuite.

Therefore, the three most important factors that can measure the success of a PR campaign are social stats, social media reach, and engagement on social media. When a PR company uses these three different mediums effectively, it is able to understand whether its campaign is a success or a failure.

If the campaign doesn’t stand up to mark, the PR company can change its strategies and policies accordingly and reach out to potential customers. So, the next time you initiate a digital PR campaign, do not forget to try these three methods to measure the success of your campaign.

Author: Neha Mishra

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