Top 5 Designer Cake Ideas For Birthday

Birthday, a wonderful day for all!! Everyone waits for this day eagerly & searches for the unique ways to celebrate this beautiful day. From kids to elders, everyone wants to make this great day a fabulous one. It is an auspicious occasion that gives you a chance to thank God & celebrate with your near & dear ones.

Celebration fills your life with beautiful colors & lovely moments. The synonyms of celebration are happiness. With it, you get an opportunity to spend some quality time with your closed ones. It also diverts your mind from daily workplace problems that are healthy for you. In short, celebrations give you a chance to enjoy your life fully.

5 Best Designer Cakes

There are different types of celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or other traditional & religious. So, celebrate them with great zest & zeal & make them remarkable. Is the birthday of your dear ones approaching? If yes, then it is the best occasion to do a party with your near & dear ones. You can make your loved ones feel special on their birthday by organizing a party for them. But one thing to keep in mind that your celebration is never completed without sweet stuff called cakes.

Your birthday celebration without cakes looks like sweets without sweeteners. Cakes are the inseparable segment of the birthday parties. This delectable dessert comes in an immense range of flavours, styles, & designs. So awe your closed ones with the favourite flavor of your dear ones.

You may take help from this article to choose the right one as here we mentioned some fantastic cake ideas for your birthday celebrations. You can also send cake online to your loved one’s house anywhere in India by using the delivery services of cake portals.

Here are some of the designer & fantastic cake ideas for the birthdays that are best to woo your loved ones:

Cupcakes Cake

Have you ever heard about the cupcakes cake? Yes! Cupcakes cake is the best idea to pamper your dear ones on their special occasions. In this cupcakes cake, the bakers use the cupcakes & hugger-mugger them in a masterpiece cake.

You can use your desired flavor cupcakes on the base & the gap is filled with the whipped cream icing or a decorated buttercream as per your choice. How cool is it? Right! You do not need to make the small pieces of this cake as your guests can easily take a cupcake. Due to this feature, it is also called a pull-apart cake. Are you excited about bringing this designer cake to your dear one’s birthday celebration? If yes, then order cake online Gurgaon  & add a great factor in their celebrations.

Harry Potter Themed Cake

Are you looking for the designer cake ideas for your child who is obsessed with Harry Potter & their magical world? If yes, then a harry potter themed cake would be the best cake option for you. This non-fondant or single-tier cake would be perfect that makes this birthday the best time ever.

You can decorate this delectable cake with many cake toppings like a harry potter logo & some glimpses of their magical world. When your children see this cake, they jump with joy. This sweet gesture also brings surprising happiness on their faces which makes you shocked. If you are living far away, then you can send cake to your children’s doorstep using the online cake delivery in Noida & other parts of the globe.

Chocolate Collar Cake For Kids Birthday

Do you want to win the heart of your kid’s birthday? Obviously Yes! Everyone wants to make their kids feel extra special on their birthday. This chocolate collar cake is the best designer cake to awe your kids & also the best treat for the chocolate lovers.

This mouth-watering cake is made with milk chocolate & decorated with cherries, nuts, chocolate shavings, & cherry liqueur. The collar on this delicious cake is also made with chocolate sheets. So, this cake obviously brings a million-dollar smile on your kid’s face.

Luscious Fruit Cake

The fruit cake is best for all from kids to elders. It is made up of nuts, almonds, walnuts, & other species. This cake is decorated with seasonal fruits that not only make it luscious but also a healthy dessert for humans. So the winning combination of delicious taste & healthy stuff makes it a popular choice for birthdays.

This cake also looks so wondrous that no one can stop themselves from gorging on it. So, without a second thought, bring this superb cake to your closed one’s birthday & make them feel extraordinary.

Birthdays are the best day to express your feelings to your special ones. The above-mentioned ideas are the best stylish & designer cake ideas for birthdays that definitely delight your dear ones. So, next time go with these ideas & awe your loved ones. 

Author: Neha Mishra

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