Tips to manage your remote teams

Remote working and work from home are very common today and it has become one of the necessities of the day, especially when it comes to survival in this condition of lockdown.

Remote working is different from the usual way you work in your office, the perks and challenges of the same are heavy on both the plates.

Long-distance does not work. Very often we hear this. But, not anymore. 

If you have not managed your team being remote, it can be a bit of a challenge due to the changed situation from the wanted methods.

Knowing what all can go wrong can only help you from preventing them.

The major issues that can happen during remote work for your employees and you, as a  manager are explained as of below.

The project manager who works from a co working space in Pune says that he has to put in extra efforts to get the work going with the remote teams, but the results are always fabulous!

  1. Lack of motivation

In contrast to office work, when working remotely, not every day you might be able to carry yourselves up from the bed to do the work. 

You might slack a few days, due to personal reasons or otherwise or you might not be able to stick to your work schedule.

  1. The feeling of being left out

People being in front of screens only might feel being left out or might feel that they are missing out on things that might be happening inside the office.

This can reduce their motivation to work and cause problems in future with cooperation and adjustments with respect to the team and project.

  1. Distractions

When you work from home or a coworking space or anything that is not inside your office cabin, you might face difficulties with concentrating and to focus on the work.

If at home, you might have to take care of daily chores, your family members, pets and so many things happening around that might not leave you with close attention.

  1. Lack of information

While working remotely, sometimes, you might not be provided with the whole context of the work, which must not happen, of course. 

But, situations like these can detain you from knowing what you really have to work and lose your interest in work. 

With all these in mind, it can be easy for a multi-talented manager like you to manage your remote team. 

  • Have daily check-in

Check-in your members daily. Know what they work on the day. This will motivate the employees to clear their desk off.

Checking in daily can be over a video call, having all the employees online so that they get to face each other, not feeling left out or disoriented.    

  • Communication technology methods

Provide chances of using different communication technologies. For employees or clients who are remote or are sort of digital nomads, not every time they will be able to reach you out the same methods.

Being a manager, try to adjust to what they prefer and what they can possibly make use of. 

Not all the technologies are available at all points of time for everyone.

  • Include small talk also

During times as of these pandemic days, having to work from home for a long period of time can be a bit challenging as the employees might lose interest in a while itself.

So, during the talks, try to include small talks also. Get to know what everyone’s routines are and what everyone does other than work during these days. It is the duty of a manager.

The team who works at the coworking space in Hinjewadi says that their managers ask them to have a session before the official meeting where they can have small talk and chit chat.

4. Clear the expectations

Make all the communications very clear during the call or over the mail. 

You might not be readily available for the workers in case of doubt when working remotely. So, make the expectations very clear.

Make it clear the deadlines or the time that you expect when you say ASAP. Mention the quantity when you say Moderate. Be clear on whatever you say to your employees.

It will avoid confusion and chaos. 

  1. Setting the boundaries and trusting the team

If you have an employee who works remote, (I do not mean to work from home during working hours), you have to keep boundaries.

You might not be able to see their work. But this doesn’t mean they are not working. You have to trust your employees especially when they are working from home or remote.

You cannot just go pinging them always to enquire if they are working or not. YOU HAVE TO TRUST THEM.

  1. Weekly one on ones

One on Ones is very crucial and important regarding the bond between you and your employees. Weekly sessions can be conducted and this helps you know if your employees have any issues regarding the work. 

It doesn’t matter even if it is over a video call, but make sure you do it. Do not CANCEL any meetings. It will cause a left out feeling in your employee when his or her session gets cancelled.

  1. Focus on outcomes, not the process

Those employees chose remote working for the perks that remote working offers them. They need their space and their flexible working hours, for which they opt this option.

Being a manager, you have to respect these boundaries and also, allow them to work on their cycle and only focus on the results and outcomes of their work.

You can surely get involved when they aren’t punctual in giving the results!

  1. Encouragement and emotional support

With the situation of lockdown, people might get very emotionally exhausted at different points of time.

Eventually, it is going to affect the work also. Be a friend to your employees too.

Know what their issues are, try to give them emotional support.

Encourage them on their accomplishments. If you see the designs are good, say it! If you think your employee was very quick in completing today’s target, appreciate him!

  1. Provide resources

There is a lot of time that one gets to themselves at the end of the day when working remote. Help your employees to make use of those times by providing them with the resources which can increase the quality of their work.

Whenever an employee needs something with their work, mage to get it to him or her as it is not quite easy as taking it out of the office shelf as was in the office. 

There are technologies that can effectively help you with managing your team remotely. Video meeting apps, scheduling apps, organizers, collaborators etc. Make maximum usage of it as it can increase the quality of your employees work when they work remotely.

Being a manager, you can efficiently make the magic of remote working happen with patience, efficiency and organized workflow.

Encourage your employees to make the best out of remote working.

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