Shima Katouzian ( شیما کاتوزیان ) Wiki, Age, Journey, Life, Social Media & More

“I believe we were born to make the world a better place, and it is our responsibility to accomplish this given mission on our planet, earth.” – Shima Katouzian

A blogger, Influencer, entrepreneur, and whatnot! Shima Katouzian is ruling the world of the internet with her charismatic personality. After travelling to more than 29 countries she aims to educate and spread various social messages in society. In this piece, we will highlight all about Katouzian.

About the Internet Celebrity Shima Katouzian

Shima was born on May 12 1988, in Tehran. Also known as HeroSheema, she is a Realtor, Tesla Reviewer and Fashionista.

She lives in Orange City of California, The United States. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Shima is a passionate traveller and loves to discover new cultures and traditions.

In 2017 Shima moved to the United States, California and worked with several fashion brands such as Forever 21, Reebok, FashionNova and many more.

Introducing Herosheema: Empowering Women

In 2019, the Internet celebrity brought a revolution by introducing a project called

Herosheema which had a primary aim to empower women worldwide in terms of being a Fashion designer. For this, she decided to bring diverse aspiring individuals belonging from various age groups, nationalities and races. Her aim was to use their art in the fashion pieces.

The site has helped a plethora of women who have always dreamt of creating a life of their own. The name Herosheema termed by Katouzian was a combination of Hero and Sheema. By joining She to her name and hero, she meant that each of the women are heroes of their own life. is now considered to be one of the top brands working for women.

Instagram Journey of Shima Katouzian

With a huge following on Instagram, Shima has successfully built a blog that focuses on

strengthening women, encouraging people to come out of their comfort zones and teaches entrepreneurial parameters to the aspiring business persons.

Her Instagram profile speaks all about her life events and adventures. She has more than 373,000 followers on the platform and has 626 posted content.

YouTube Channel of Shima Katouzian

She runs a YouTube channel that covers rich content. Her videos are majorly circulated around reviews and lifestyle. Her videos are in Spanish and English languages. Shima has a total of 6,27,00 subscribers but due to her informative and useful content is well known.

Few of her videos are titled: Tesla Roadster, Learning English at Home, How to earn money from YouTube, Tesla Factory Tour and Quick Review on eshakti.

The world needs people like Shima to bring revolutions and change the outlook of how women are portrayed. Her tireless approach towards recognizing talents from across the borders is worth appreciating.

With her strong determination to make the world a better place Katouzian is highly recognised.

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