Saaho Review – Watch Public Reaction Video, India Today, Time of India, IMDB, My Personal Review after watching Saaho

These days, Saaho movie is the talk of the town. Saaho Movie is a big Budget action Thriller. The Cast of Saaho is very popular and very well-known names in Film Industry like Prabhas (The Bahubali), Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Pandey, Mandira Bedi, Murli Sharma, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mahesh Manjrekar, Arun Vijay, Tinnu Anand, Prakash Belawadi.

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We are here to provide you the Saaho Movie Review. This movie is getting mixed reviews. Despite having bad reviews on Twitter, Kamal R Khan, and Film Critics, the movie is doing well at the Box Office Collection. In just two days, Saaho has collected Rs. 220 Crores at Box Office.

Saaho Public Reaction after Watching the movie

We have compiled the Saaho Reviews given by India Today, Times of India, Hindustan Times, IMDB, and My Personal Review on Saaho after watching the movie on Saturday.

Saaho Review – India Today, Time of India, IMDB, Memes Online

One the one hand, Most Film Critics have given Sahoo 1.5 or 2.5 Star Ratings. They find it confusing, Songs are forcefully added, storytelling is not good as per their views. On the other hand, we have mixed reactions from the audience. Some are liking twists and turns in the story while others are saying it confusing to have too many twists and turns and characters.

  • India Today: As per the Saaho Review given by India Today, Its a No to Saaho. Saaho is an example of how empty vessels make the Maximum noise. This movie is Stunning but there is no soul or story in it. Just too many twists and turns, needed or not, you decide on your own. We give it one and a half star.

Here is the link to full Review of Saaho by India Today

  • Times of India: Saaho movie comes with so many twists and turns. Prabhas Dialogue delivery was slow but it seems deliberately done and suits the Character of Saaho. Shraddha Kapoor was looking Glamourous but her character was poorly sketched. Even the chemistry between them was missing. Chunky Pandey as Devraj was outstanding in portraying his evil character on-screen. We give it two and a half star rating.

Read Full Saaho Review by Times of India

  • IMDB: At IMDB Website, Audience has given their view about Saaho. As we have earlier told you that Mixed Reaction is given by the General Public. Some are saying it a must-watch while some are saying it a Headache. But mostly, we have seen Good Reviews at IMDB. Here is the Good and bad Reviews about Saaho given at the IMDB:
  • Good Reviews Bad Reviews
    9/10 – Good Action Thriller but Irrelevant Songs Placement  3/10 – Only for Fans….Boring
    8/ 10 I don’t understand why there are some negative reviews but the movie is really good. Great action sequence and VFX. Good story. Would not say its a masterpiece, but worth watching 4/10 – Weak Storyline…too Many Twists
    Excellent Movie, Action-Packed, Powerful Characters. Only Negative was some slow narrations Big Disappointment, Poor Writing, Weak Storyline, 4 stars fir Prabhas Die Hard Action Fans Only
    10/10 Next Level Indian Movie 2/10 Disappointing – weak storytelling
    10/10 Paisa Vasool Movie. Don’t Believe Negative Views. Go and Watch Saaho Confusing

Click the link to read Users Saaho Review at IMDB

Saaho Movie Review – My Personal Review

I was very excited to watch the movie after watching the trailer and decided to watch it on the first day and first show. I have also read the Saaho Review from Dubai Censor Board that added more excitement about Saaho. But could not make it on first day due to some reasons.

Then I read negative reviews on Twitters and especially the review of Kamal R Khan. I also see Memes on Saaho online. After which my level of excitement got down a bit. But I made my mind to watch Saaho on Saturday and check out the things on my own. So, here is my personal Review on Saaho:

Saaho is termed as an Action Thriller Movie and did full justice to it. People are complaining that this movie has too many twists and turns and unnecessary action scenes. Well, it is an Action Thriller Movie. It should have this kind of stuff.

I also don’t find that it was weak storytelling. The story was told beautifully with suspense and thrill at every step. I just felt the story was a bit fast at the starting. Things are changing too fast. It seems hard to connect with all these. The story of gangster and Krana Village and accident of Jackie Shroff…. all these things were happening too fast to connect with.

The entry of Prabhas was also good. I like the movie after the entry of Shraddha Kapoor. Their chemistry was also very good. Hindi of Prabhas was slow but did justice to the character of Saaho. Songs were forcefully added and not connected with the story. There was no need for songs when the audience is busy with the story.

Some people are confused and had a headache after watching the movie Saaho. Well, you have to be intelligent enough to understand an Action Thriller movie.

Talking about the story of Saaho, it is a mix of two movies stories, which I felt. One story is about Gangsters Like any other South Indian Movie where Successor wants to take the revenge of his Father’s Murder. Second Story is like Dhoom 2 or Race 3 Movie based on Smart Theif. Sujeeth has mixed these two stories into one story connected with Black Box. But he connected the things interestingly. The movie has a rewatchable quality.

The different look of Bahubali in casuals is nice. Prabhas is looking good in T-Shirts, Cargos, jeans. Shraddha is adorable in her looks and acting as well. Chunky Pandey is the Best in portraying the evil Character of Devraj. Neil Nitin Mukesh was good by looks only. His character was not much powerful.

Overall, If you love Action Thriller Movies, You must watch Saaho. In one Its a mix of Tollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood.As fast as Tollywood Movies, As romantic as Bollywood Movies and Actions and Screenplay matches the level of Hollywood. I will give it 8 stars out of 10. 1 star cut for songs and another star cut for a bit fastly moving story.

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