MVTR KENOBI Wiki, Biography, Age, Facts & More

Franck Kanga, famously known as MVTR KENOBI (born on 11th March 1989), is a 33-year-old rapper, musician and record producer who is a famous name for himself in the music industry. Kenobi is popularly known for his music single ‘FIGHTER’, which was an instant hit and received unanimously positive reviews from music critics marking his successful debut in the music industry.

Kenobi was born in Ivry Sur Seine, Île de France, France, and he currently resides in his home country. He aims to expand his market and garner viewers and fans worldwide. Kenobi is a young Entrepreneur and businessman who stands as an inspiration to many youngsters who dream of pursuing a career in Entrepreneurship.

Kenobi’s vision and innovative style have made him one of the most successful musicians in the music industry. Kenobi released his first music album, ‘FIGHTER’, which turned out to be a successful music single, and he has never looked back ever again. Kenobi also has successful music albums like ‘ OCEAN’, ‘STUDIO’ and ‘LOVE’.

Kenobi is a tall and lean man by physical features as he stands 1.84m in height and 80 kgs in weight. Kenobi has been enthusiastic about music since childhood, and he decided to pursue music soon after he graduated from Lycée Evariste Galois. Kenobi is currently at the start of his peak, and we can witness many more successful albums and records. Kenobi reportedly has a net worth of 400 thousand euros. Kenobi is a well-affluent musician who has invested in many leading companies to stabilize and enlarge his net worth.

Apart from his music career, Kenobi is enthusiastic about cinemas and has revealed that he watches many films. Kenobi is always passionate about learning new things, which makes him analyze the market. Kenobi also said his favourite actors include Jake Gyllenhaal and Scarlett Johannsson. Kenobi also shared that his famous singers include Micheal Jackson, who has motivated him to pursue a career in the music industry through his songs. As enthusiastic as he is about fitness, Kenobi is also a foodie who does not count his calories when he has his favourite food. His favourite food is croissants.

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