Muhammad Adil Mirza: The Business Tycoon From Dubai

Muhammad Adil Mirza is an entrepreneur based in Dubai, UAE. The 42-year-old business leader was born on 18 June 1980 to a Muslim family in Karachi, Pakistan. His family consisted of his father Naseem Mirza, mother Salma, and two siblings- brother Ejaz and sister Zareen. They had their family business of supplying pharmaceuticals and surgical disposals to hospitals in Karachi.

The entire business was passionately handled by his elder brother and it was because of him that Adil was attracted to business and building an empire at a very early age. He took his elder brother as his inspiration and this gave him the thought of starting his family business in UAE.
Adil Mirza studied in Karachi for a while and moved to Australia for higher studies. He studied at Canterbury Boys High School there and for his graduation, he moved to Dubai where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Wollongong.

Once he gradually established his family business in UAE, there was no stopping for this hard-working man. Currently the CEO of Phoenix group of companies in UAE, Adil holds a global portfolio. He has traveled to more than 40 countries and has gained noteworthy acknowledgments from many countries like the US, United Kingdom, etc.

The Dubai-based business tycoon has a net worth of AED 45 million, which values around $12.25 million. He is one of the leading personalities in the healthcare sector across the UAE and employs around 2000 employees. He has several companies in the healthcare sector across seven countries including two pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. He also owns a cricket club in UAE and has paid cricket players for it.

Adil Mirza has a positive attitude and compassionate behavior towards his work that is aspiring and worth following.

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