Mabast King, an Ordinary Guy From Kurdistan With an Extraordinary Story to Tell

“I’ve always wanted to be a name that people will be proud of in the next few years because I’m working on the future and my goal in the future, and the result is in the future.”- Marbast King

It takes courage, dedication and passion to be where the young YouTuber, Marbast King is now. The budding YouTuber at just the age of 22 is reaching heights of success and glory, no one thought could have been possible. Marbast King was born on 27th January 1999 in Erbil, Kurdistan and formerly known as Mabast Bahaden. It was not until his YouTube fame, that he started his channel with the name, Marbast King.

Marbast King had completed his bachelor’s degree from Erbil Polytechnic University, Erbil and he completed his schooling from Erbil. Even though very little is known about his private life, it is known that he is a huge fan of music and a few of his favourite artists are Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Eros Kurdi, Navid Zardi and Maluma. Marbast King is also known for being a foodie, his favourite dishes are Pizza and Dolma-Kurdish cuisine. His favourite colour is black and he is passionate about making videos. His YouTube channel was dedicated to funny prank videos and challenges, it was when his followers and views started to grow that he understood that he wanted to do more serious videos dedicated to the people and society of Kurdistan. His YouTube channel is an amalgamation of both, he has funny pranks, he presents his true thoughts and feelings and also represents his country in a marvellous way. His channel culminates to show his charismatic personality in the truest sense.

Marbast King has on his Youtube Channel more than 290K subscribers. He also has more than 20K followers on Instagram and has a thriving Facebook and TikTok account. Through his follower count and content, it could be very well understood that he is a social media star, influencer and phenomenon, who is only going to grow in the coming time. His net worth is approximately $1 million and it has been noted that he earns about $10K per month. But it is not just his social media content that has gained him popularity. Marbast King is a singer and a rapper. His passion for music could be understood from his self made song of 2019, known as Slaw Bka. He has also worked as a model and it is known that he is a fitness enthusiast, who loves to watch movies and spends his free time in the gym.

Marbast King has truly shown Kurdish society in a new light. He has made the world turn towards Kurdistan and see the struggles, little joys and the reality of the people and the society. He is really an inspiration to many and his hard work is paving way for the future generation to follow their dreams in life.

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