Leo Ahsoka Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki.

Leo Ahsoka was born on January 1, 1999, in the Russian Federation, and she’s been making big waves in the entertainment industry since a very young age. She’s worked on some of the biggest productions and has won the hearts of audiences all over the world. Want to know more? Let’s find out her net worth, age, height, weight, family, and all the juicy details from her bio/wiki.

Who is Leo Ahsoka?

Leo Ahsoka is a fantastic star from Russia. Born on the first day of 1999, she is a super-talented actress and model. Can you believe she started acting when she was just a kid? Yes, it’s true! From then on, she’s been part of some really cool TV shows and movies.

People all over the world love watching her because she’s so good at what she does. Isn’t that exciting? So, that’s our Leo – a talented young actress who everyone loves.


Leo Ahsoka
Russian Actor and Model
Debut Year
Date of Birth (DoB)
1 January 1999
25 Years old as of 2024
Birth Place
Russian Federation

Leo Ahsoka’s Early Life and Education

Little Leo Ahsoka grew up in the big, busy country of Russia. She went to a school close to her home where she made lots of friends and learned a ton of cool stuff. At school, she loved drama and art classes the most.

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It wasIt’s in these classes where she discovered her love for acting. Can you guess her favorite subject? Yep, it was drama! From an early age, Leo knew she wanted to be a star, and she worked really hard to make her dreams come true.

Parents and Siblings

Leo Ahsoka has a wonderful family who supports her a lot. Her mom and dad always cheer her on and are super proud of her. Leo has a brother, too! They have a lot of fun playing and joking around together. Her family is her biggest fan club, and they always have her back.

She is very thankful for their love and support. Isn’t that lovely? So that’s all about Leo’s family, a fantastic bunch who love and support each other very much.

Leo Ahsoka Boyfriend

 Leo Ahsoka is focusing on her acting career and is not dating anyone. She is all about learning new scripts and meeting fun characters.

It seems like being a superstar is Leo’s only love at the moment. But who knows? Maybe she’ll find someone special to share popcorn with at the movies one day. For now, let’s cheer on Leo as she continues to shine bright on the big screen!

Leo Ahsoka Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Leo Ahsoka, was born on January 1, 1999, which makes her 25 years old! Her height is 5 feet ,weight is 50kg and body measurement is 34-24-34.

What’s important is that she’s healthy and strong! Leo has a lovely smile and shiny hair. People love her sparkling eyes that light up when she’s performing. All in all, Leo Ahsoka is just as beautiful inside as she is outside!

Leo Ahsoka Social Media

 Leo Ahsoka  shares fun pictures and videos on her social media. She loves Instagram the most! There, she posts photos of her adventures, her cute outfits, and even her yummy snacks!

Sometimes, she even goes live and chats with her fans. But remember, always be friendly and respectful when you visit her page. So, are you ready to join the fun? Let’s go check out Leo Ahsoka’s social media together!

Leo Ahsoka Before Fame

Before Leo Ahsoka became a shining star, she was a regular girl, just like you and me! She enjoyed going to school and playing with her friends. Even then, she had a spark in her eyes, a sign of the fantastic actress she was going to become.

Leo loved acting and modeling so much that she started when she was a little girl. She worked hard, practiced a lot, and never gave up. She always believed in herself and her dreams. And you know what? All that hard work paid off because now she’s a superstar!

Leo Ahsoka Career

Leo Ahsoka is an actress and model! When she was just a tiny girl, she started acting in plays at school and fell in love with it. As she grew up, she got to be part of big TV shows and fantastic movies.

She’s so good at acting that she makes people laugh, cry, and cheer. She also models for pictures where she gets to wear fancy clothes and pretty makeup. Isn’t that cool? That’s Leo’s job – making us smile and enjoy her excellent performances!

Leo Ahsoka Net Worth

Leo Ahsoka has earned from her fantastic acting and modeling work? Well, it’s like counting stars in the sky! She has made quite a bit of money, and her net worth is estimated to $3million.

What’s really cool is that Leo earned all this by doing what she loves – acting and modeling! This shows how hard work and passion can turn dreams into reality. Remember, being rich is not just about money; it’s also about being rich in talent and love for what you do, just like Leo!

Leo Ahsoka Achievements and Recognitions

 Fans like yisn’td me don’t just love Leo Ahsoka, she’she’so been given special awards for her fantastic acting! These are like gold stars that grown-ups give to people who are super good at their jobs.

She has won several of these awards from different places. Can you believe it? She’She’sked really hard, and people have noticed. So remember, if you work hard and follow your dreams, you could earn your gold stars one day, just like Leo!

AhsoAhsoka’srney into Stardom

Leo AhsoAhsoka’srney to stardom was like climbing a really tall mountain. But guess what? She loved every step of it! Starting from school plays, she kept learning and improving. One day, she got a chance to act in a big TV show! It was a little scary but also super exciting.

And do you know what? She was brilliant! People loved her, and she started getting more roles. Soon, she was shining brightly on the big screen for everyone to see. And that, my friends, is how our Leo became a star!

Leo Ahsoka Future Plains

 Leo plans to keep making fantastic TV shows and movies for us to enjoy. She also wants to try her hand at voice acting in cartoons! Isn’Isn’tt exciting? And guess what else?

Leo also dreams of directing her movie someday. Imagine that! For now, Leo is excited to keep learning, growing, and shining in her career. So, get ready, folks! The future looks bright and exciting for our superstar, Leo Ahsoka. And we can’can’tt to see what she does next!


  • Drawing: Leo loves to draw! She creates colorful pictures of people, animals, and even fun cartoons. It’sIt’se her own little art studio at home.
  • Cooking: Leo likes to help in the kitchen. She enjoys making yummy snacks and sometimes even cooks dinner for her family.
  • Reading:Leo loves a good story. She has a big collection of books and enjoys reading before bedtime.
  • Hiking:She enjoys exploring nature. Sometimes, she goes hiking with her family on weekends.
  • Playing the guitar: Leo is also musical! She loves strumming the guitar and singing her favorite songs. Isn’Isn’tfun to know what Leo likes to do when she’she’s on the big screen? Just like you, Leo has hobbies that she loves!

Interesting Facts About Leo Ahsoka 

  • Did you know that Leo Ahsoka is not just an actress but also a dancer? She loves to dance and often practices in her free time. 
  • Leo can speak multiple languages! Besides Russian, she can also speak English and French. How cool is that?
  • She loves animals and has a pet cat named Snowball. They love to play together!
  • Leo’Leo’sorite color is purple. She often wears purple clothes and accessories.
  • Even though she’she’star, Leo still has chores at home. She helps clean up and even does the dishes!
  • Leo loves the snow. Every winter, she can’can’tt to make snow angels and have snowball fights!
  • On her birthdays, instead of presents, Leo asks her friends to donate to her favorite charity. What a kind heart she has!
  • Did you know that Leo is also a great baker? She loves to make cookies and cakes for her family and friends. Yum!


WhatWhat’s’Leo’sorite color? 

Leo’Leo’sorite color is purple. She loves wearing purple things!

Does Leo have any pets? 

Yes, she has a cute cat named Snowball.

What does Leo like to do in her free time? 

Leo loves to draw, read, cook, hike, and play the guitar when she’she’s acting.

Can Leo speak any other languages?

Yes, besides Russian, she can speak English and French.

WhatWhat’s dream for the future?

Leo dreams of directing her movie one day. Imagine that! 


And there you have it, folks! ThatThat’s star, Leo Ahsoka. Isn’Isn’t amazing? She’She’swn us that with hard work, passion, and a bit of sparkle, you can turn dreams into reality. So, let’let’sp cheering for Leo as she continues to light up our screens.

Who knows, maybe one day you could be a shining star too, just like Leo! But for now, keep dreaming, keep shining, and most importantly, keep being awesome. Until next time, keep your eyes on the stars!

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