Larry Williams

Certainly the genius of the trading world. Larry was born in October 1942 in a town called Miles City, Montana, USA. He is a journalist by profession.

After graduating from the University of Oregon, he went to the metropolis to conquer journalistic heights and develop in this direction. Work in New York did not suit Williams, and he returned to his hometown, where he organized his own company called “The Oregon Report”.

Why did the journalist become a trader?

Williams got the idea to trade on the stock exchange when he was working for his own newspaper. He published economic data on large US companies and noticed that the rise and fall of stocks can be a good way to increase your income. Initially, everything was planned for additional earnings in securities.

Larry began his trading career by visiting local libraries in the state of Oregon – there was no Internet then. But this information was clearly not enough, and he makes a decision, using his official position, to interview employees of brokerage offices.

The first time he entered the stock exchange was in the second half of the 60s. He passed the qualifying exam in a year, and then became eligible to engage in financial consulting. At first, he gave advice to beginners, then he began to trade himself. However, the technical analysis and analysis of fundamental factors existing at that time did not suit Larry: he traded short-term, and all trading strategies popular at that time were based on a medium-term and long-term approach.

It was then that the trader thought about his own developments. But … life as a trader is not a fairy tale, and until the early 1970s, Williams did not have any positive results. Probably, he would not have achieved anything in this field, if not for the advice of a friend – to try derivatives trading.

Derivatives allowed trading with low trading commission costs, while leverage and volatility enabled the trader to manage capital more efficiently. Larry began to work on improving existing strategies and on developing his own forecasting methods.

His most famous achievement is winning the Robbins World Cup. Larry was able to make 1 million 100 thousand units of American currency from 10 thousand dollars in a year. This is a result of 11,000% per annum! At the moment, this is the absolute world record in this competition. After that, he repeatedly proved his skill, increasing capital from year to year.

The trader is now 77 years old and retired. Until now, Larry provided educational and consulting services, wrote many books on trading, held seminars and gave invaluable advice to newcomers, for example, Larry compare derivatives market and bitcoin casino.

Derivatives market and bitcoin casino

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Outstanding Achievements:

  • He has written several useful books on trading. Reviewed and explained in detail the seasonality in the markets.
  • Described a trading technique based on the analysis of reports on positions of large traders (COT Reports).
  • Created his own indicators: Willams R%, Ultimate Oscillator, COT Indices.

Author: Kavya Patel

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