Karandeep Singh aka Musical KD Wiki, Biography, Story & More

If you are an avid lover of Punjabi music, then you should take an interest in the musical ride of Karandeep Singh. The artist goes by the name of KD in the music industry. He is dependent solely on himself to create a sensation in the field of Punjabi songs.

One factor that sets him in the group of accomplished singers is his unbound determination and the undying desire to improve! So, let us delve in and know more about this fantastic personality!

Karandeep Singh Wiki

Karandeep Singh is not only a well-known budding artist but also a well-rounded personality! The artist studied at General Raj’s School in New Delhi and got his BTech from IIT. He has made the proper use of his technical skills to experiment with genres of music.

Not only this, but he has got a plethora of hobbies also. His other areas of creative interest are singing, playing soccer and writing!

The 27-year-old artist has an attractive height of 5 feet 11 inches. His dark brown eyes and black hair give him the classy vibe of a modern artist.

Karandeep Singh’s Biography

Musical KD has been curious about music since childhood. He performed in family functions in his boyhood days and now creates his music! He began taking an interest in singing English songs. The relaxed vibe and striking beats of English music attracted him. He experimented with this style and merged it with a Punjabi feel. Fabulous right? He was much inspired by the works of famous Punjabi artists like Diljit Dosanjh and Guru Randhawa.

The talented artist began his musical career with his impressive debut “Kudi Hollywood Wargi”. The music was released very recently, in 2022. This song was an instant success because of its catchy musical combinations. The use of guitar and saxophone, along with the attractive lyrics of Karandeep, took the song to the next level! The music has got a suitable duration, not too long or short. It extends up to 3 minutes 26 seconds! This effort opened new routes of success for the singer.

Other popular hip-hop songs by the Punjabi artist are “Haan Kari Na” and “Front Seat Crush”. Want to know something special about these songs? These songs stand out because of the catchy beat and because they talk about a story. His songs proved such a sensation that he got the opportunity to perform in one of Delhi’s most incredible spots, Connaught Palace. This gave him the popularity he well deserved.

Currently, he is gearing up for his latest projects like “Dhamal Kudiye”, “Surma”, and “Shankar”.

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