Kama Oxi Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki.

Kama Oxi is a young actress from Ukraine who has been making waves in the entertainment industry. You may have seen her on your favourite TV shows or movies, but do you know her net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio? Well, you’re in luck because we’ll dive into all that and more in this blog post. Get ready to learn about this rising star who will capture your hearts with her engaging performances and charming personality.

Who is Kama Oxi?

Kama Oxi is a cool and talented actress from Ukraine. She was born in 2002, which makes her a young star. Kama always loved to entertain and make people smile. She’s like a magical spark, lighting up every room she enters with charm.

 You might have seen her acting in movies or TV shows. Kama’s passion for performing shines as bright as a diamond, making her a true treasure in the entertainment world. So, next time you watch TV, keep your eyes peeled for Kama Oxi!


Kama Oxi
Model, Actress
Date of Birth
Year 2002
22 years old as of 2024

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Early Life and Education

Kama Oxi was born in 2002 in the pretty country of Ukraine. Even as a little girl, she loved to perform and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. She often played pretend, acting out exciting stories for her friends and family. 

Kama also did well in school and enjoyed learning new things. This love for learning and her natural talent for acting helped her to start her career in the entertainment industry. And, just like that, the little girl with big dreams was on her way to becoming a shining star!

Kama Oxi Parents and Siblings

Kama Oxi has a loving and supportive family. Her parents, who always believed in her dreams, cheered her on as she started her acting journey. They are her biggest fans! Kama also has a brother.

Also, They love to play games, tell jokes, and have fun together. Her family’s love and support are like a warm, cosy blanket that helps her shine even brighter in entertainment. Kama Oxi is lucky to have such a wonderful family by her side!

Kama Oxi Boyfriend

Hang on to your hats, kiddos! We know many of you are curious about Kama Oxi’s love life. But guess what? This dazzling star is currently focusing on her acting career. Like a busy bee, Kama works hard to entertain us with her amazing performances. 

Also, She’s putting all her energy into her dreams right now. So, no boyfriends in the picture yet, guys. Isn’t it cool that she’s so dedicated to her work? Keep it up, Kama!

Kama Oxi Physical Stats: Age, Height, and Weight

Kiddos, are you wondering how old Kama Oxi is or how tall she stands? Also, She was born in 2002 and’s still a youngster, just like some of you! As for her height, she’s pretty 5 feet 4 inches tall for her age. Kama stands as tall as a young tree.

Also, And her weight is 50kg! She stays fit and healthy, ready to jump into action for her roles. But remember, numbers don’t define who you are or your worth. Your passion and talent truly matter, just like Kama’s!

Kama Oxi – The Rising Star

Alright, kiddos! Kama Oxi is a rising star, shining brighter each day! Her performances are like fireworks, lighting up the entertainment world. With each role she takes on, her talent blooms like a sunflower in the sun. 

Like a young bird learning to fly, Kama is constantly growing and improving in her craft. Also, She’s a determined gal, always ready to give her best! That’s what makes her a true rising star. Stay tuned, kiddos, because Kama Oxi is just getting started, and the sky’s the limit!

Kama Oxi Entry into the Entertainment Industry

Guess what, kiddos? Kama’s journey into the acting world started when she was just like you, a little youngster! Also, With her natural talent for making people laugh and smile, she caught the eye of the big TV and movie people. They saw her charm and knew she would be a star! 

Also, So, Kama started to work on TV shows and movies, and soon, everyone knew her name. Just imagine, kiddos, a kid like you turning into a superstar! Isn’t that cool? Remember, just like Kama, your dreams can come true too!

Kama Oxi Stellar Achievements

Wow, kiddos! Kama Oxi’s achievements are as shiny as a big, twinkling star! Also, She’s won lots of awards for her acting. Isn’t that amazing? And guess what? Kama’s just getting started. With every role, she gets even better.

Also, She’s like a superhero, always rising to the challenge! Remember, kiddos, just like Kama, you can achieve anything you want. Who knows, maybe you’ll be collecting your shiny awards one day!

Kama Oxi Net Worth: A Testament to Her Success

Ready for some cool news, kiddos? Our star, Kama Oxi, has done well for herself! Her amazing acting has helped her earn some big bucks! 

Also, While her net worth is estimated to $3million, she has a chock-full piggy bank. That’s what happens when you work hard and chase your dreams, just like Kama! So keep dreaming and working hard, kiddos, and maybe you’ll have a full piggy bank too!

Kama Oxi Legacy and Impact

Kiddos, Kama Oxi is more than just a star; she’s a role model! She shows us that dreams can come true with hard work and passion. She inspires kids like you to follow your dreams, be confident, and always give your best.

 Like a superhero, Kama leaves a legacy of determination and talent for all. And the impact? Oh, it’s huge! She’s making the world a brighter place with her charm and skills. So remember, kiddos, just like Kama, you can shine too!


  • Also, Guess what, kiddos? When Kama Oxi is not acting, she loves to: 
  • Get creative with drawing. She loves to create fun pictures. – Explore the magical world of books. Adventure stories are her favourite.
  • Also, Wake up early and enjoy the quiet mornings. – Whip up some delicious pasta. Yes, she loves cooking too! 
  •  Spend time with her furry friend, Sparkle, the fluffy dog. So, you see, 
  • Also, Kama enjoys acting and has fun hobbies, just like you!

Interesting Facts About Kama Oxi 

  • Also, Ready to hear some fun facts about Kama Oxi? Let’s dive in! – Kama can speak two languages fluently: 
  • Ukrainian and English. Talk about being super smart!
  • Also, She loves pasta. It’s her favourite food. 
  •  Believe it or not, Kama is an early bird. She loves to wake up with the sunrise. 
  • Also, When not acting, Kama loves to draw. She’s pretty good at it too!
  •  Guess what? Kama is also a bookworm. She loves to read adventure stories. 
  • Also, Kama has a special lucky charm bracelet she always wears to auditions. 
  • These little bits make Kama even more awesome, don’t they?


All right, kiddos! Let’s dive into some fun FAQs about Kama Oxi. You ask,

 “What’s her favourite colour?” 

We heard it was sky-blue, just like her dreams. 

“Does she have any pets?” 

Yes, she has a fluffy dog named Sparkle! 

“What’s her favourite ice cream flavour?” 

Kama loves strawberry swirl ice cream! Yum! 


And there you have it, kiddos! Here’s a full scoop on the super-talented Kama Oxi. Also, She’s not just an actress but a shining example of how hard work and passion can make dreams come true. 

Also, So, let’s cheer for our star, Kama, as she continues to light up our screens and hearts with her performances. And remember kiddos; you can be just like her if you chase your dreams with all your might. Until next time, keep dreaming and keep shining!

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