Impact Of Covid-19 Restrictions in South Asia

With the rise of the virus, namely the coronavirus, they seemed to be starting towards the Arctic, throughout into tropical zones, over the subtropical, and temperate regions of the planet earth. COVID-19 is swiftly spreading throughout the world as in countings, more than one hundred and fourteen countries are being infected. For such advancement of that contagious virus,

indications of a situation have been found, that the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus officially changed their classification of COVID-19 as a pandemic.

The statement was formally carried at Geneva. In literal terms, the epidemic is an epidemic disease that is capable of spreading across a large area of the place, targeting the uncountable units throughout the world. For sure, the condition was all pandemic the minute it was found in Wuhan in the form of real humans instead of Apes, namely. 

Condition connected with Covid-19 

In terms of Restrictions in South Asia due to Covid-19, all the nation-states have nothing left other than to restrict the movement of free citizens as in matters of reliability, all the nations, including the South Asian they were all scared and cautious at that same time.

Here the case was different. While in standard terms, all the nation-states try to catch each other’s confidential matters. The matters which could help them to build faster development and advancement. But today we can say there is a difference, a difference which is clear to everyone’s eye. 

Impact of Covid-19 restrictions socially

We all are very familiar with the term social distancing since the minute when the coronavirus started to spread. In terms of the South Asian region, the countries like Afghanistan and Bhutan where the coronavirus cases aren’t covered that much, those countries have already ceased the foreign travel visas, canceling all the cultural festivities like new year celebrations, even there are restrictions which are following over the religious-related activities. All in all, mass gatherings are in no way possible to make. Meanwhile, social people are the only group that is most likely prone to coronavirus.

Covid 19 Mask N-95

The South Asian countries, like The Maldives and Nepal, their government, have not yet applied any considerable amount of restrictions over its citizen’s partial emergencies that are being made throughout the country. Meanwhile, the government is further exercising military services all across the country. 

Impact of Covid-19 restrictions on health 

Coronavirus has direct connections with the health of human beings. As a matter of principle, South Asia, in terms of medical treatments and surgical procedures isn’t advanced enough. South Asia needs aid from the other countries either in terms of economics or medicine itself.

China is helping deliver the assistance to the South Asian countries and Southeast Asian countries as well as the name, LAOS, Pakistan, and so on and delivering 3 ply face mask and high-end products which are helpful against the contagious disease. Moreover, the  kn95 face mask manufacturer in China is now distributing quality masks, kn95 face masks that are capable of capturing non-oily particles.

Meanwhile, for the significant issue of health due to coronavirus, the World Bank announced one of the largest funding packages for Sri Lanka. They are giving the country 128.6 million dollars as financial aid.

Impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the economy 

As we had mentioned above, most of the South Asian countries, have banned foreign visitors, border closures, canceling of celebratory events. All these visits and tourism usually makes up a great share in the economy of South Asian countries.

More specifically, there is The Maldives, which in significant parts relies on its tourism, is now no longer able to generate most of its revenues as it used to be. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there is Bangladesh, whose government has announced the stimulus package of eight billion dollars so that the citizens can cope with the health issues caused due to coronavirus. 


Coronavirus is now being declared as a pandemic; it is now a global issue. It is significantly impacting the aspects of different countries like the economy, health, and social activities of peoples all across the globe. The virus is the same. The disease is still the same, even the impacts are the same, yet the only difference is the measurements which are taken by the nation-states which are similar to varying from the places to places. 

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