Sana Amir Bakhsh Biography, Early Life, Education, Career & More

Introduction Dubai and the UAE have been home to many talented artists who have made a name for themselves on multiple platforms. Among these shining stars is Sana Amir Bakhsh (AKA Showtime.177), a multi-talented individual who has won the hearts of many with her extraordinary personality and brilliance. Early Life and Education: Sana Amir Bakhsh … Read more

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Rani Rafees Takes Social Media by Storm with Her Influential Persona

Rani Rafees is a name that has become synonymous with social-media stardom, musical artistry, and entrepreneurship. With over 755K followers on TikTok and 546K followers on Instagram, Rani has captured the hearts of her fans with her melodious voice, infectious energy, and impeccable fashion sense. She is an Influencer, Musical Artist, TikToker and Entrepreneur. Music … Read more