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Ariel Pure was born on April 15, 1996, and is currently 25 years old. She hails from the sunny Dominican Republic and was held under the Aries astrological sign, just like many of you, born in April. Ariel is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs 158 pounds. That’s as heavy as 20 bags of sugar! With her successful career in acting and modelling, she has a net worth of $2 million.

Who is Ariel Pure?

Ariel Pure is a superstar, She’s a shining star who shows us that dreams can come true with hard work! 

Ariel is like a real-life hero, making us believe we can be whatever we want. So, the next time you see Ariel on your TV or in a magazine, give her a big cheer! Just like her, you can also be a superstar!


Name Ariel Pure
Gender Female
Age 27 years old as of 2024
Date of Birth April 15, 1996
Place of Birth Dominican Republic
Nationality Dominican

Brief Bio and Early Life

Kids, have you ever wondered about Ariel Pure’s childhood? Well, she was born in a beautiful place called the Dominican Republic on April 15, 1996. Like many of you, she dreamt of doing big things when she was little. She loved playing pretend and dressing up, just like how she acts and models now! 

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From an early age, Ariel was always determined and had a spark of confidence. Just like you have favourite games, Ariel’s favourite was always playing pretend. This was her first step in becoming the superstar she is today!

Ariel Pure Parents and Siblings

Ariel Pure has a family just like you, kids! She was born to loving parents who supported her dreams of becoming an actress and model. While Ariel hasn’t shared much about her siblings, if she has any, we know she’s grateful for her family. 

Families are like teams that help and care for each other. They cheer us on when we chase our dreams, just like Ariel’s family did for her. So, remember, always cherish your family and team because they’re your biggest fans!


Kids, you might be curious if Ariel Pure has a boyfriend. Just like you have friends at school, sometimes grown-ups have special friends, too. Ariel is a private person and hasn’t shared much about this part of her life. Remember, just like respecting your friend’s privacy, it’s also important to respect Ariel’s.

 Instead, let’s focus on all the amazing things she’s accomplished as a superstar actress and model! So, whether she has a boyfriend or not, Ariel remains our star shining bright, right?

The Height and Weight of Ariel Pure

Kids, have you ever wondered how tall Ariel Pure is? She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall! That’s taller than most of you, isn’t it? She weighs 158 lbs, which is just right for her height.

These details are very important when she’s modelling, as different clothes look best on different body shapes and sizes. So, like Ariel, remember, no matter how tall or short or how much you weigh, everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way!

Ariel Pure Journey to Stardom

Ariel Pure’s story of becoming a star is like a wonderful movie! Born in the Dominican Republic, she dreamt of being an actress and model. She practised hard and learned to act and walk like a model. Soon, her dreams came true! People loved her acting, and she became famous! 

Her pictures appeared in magazines, making her a top model. Just like Ariel, always believe in your dreams. Keep practising, and one day, your dreams can come true, too! Remember, every big star starts with a small dream!

Ariel Pure Career

Ariel Pure has an awesome job, kids! She gets to be both an actress and a model. As an actress, she tells stories by playing different characters in movies or on TV. As a model, she wears fancy clothes and takes pictures for magazines. 

Ariel works hard at her job, and because of that, she’s become a superstar! So, remember, whether you want to be an actress, a model, or even an astronaut, always work hard and do your best!

Ariel Pure Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how much money a star like Ariel Pure makes? Well, she’s done well! Her work in acting and modelling has helped her earn a lot of money. Ariel has a net worth of $2 million! That’s a big number, right? 

That’s a lot of candy, toys, or video games! It shows how successful she is and how much people love her work. So remember, kids, when you work hard and follow your dreams, just like Ariel, you can achieve great things, too!

Ariel Pure Legacy and Impact

Ariel Pure is like a shining star, inspiring many young people with her work. Her acting and modelling are so good that they have become a model for others to follow. She’s also a great example of how to work hard and reach for your dreams. 

She tells us that no matter where we come from, we can achieve our goals if we believe in ourselves. So, let’s look up to Ariel and keep dreaming and working hard. Maybe one day, we too can make a big difference like her.

The Future for Ariel Pure

What’s next for Ariel Pure? We can’t see the future, but we know Ariel’s star will keep shining bright! Maybe she’ll star in a new movie or become a supermodel. No matter what, Ariel will keep working hard and following her dreams. 

Let’s cheer her on as she shows her talent and heart to the world. Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be a superstar like Ariel, too! Just remember, it all starts with a dream. What’s your dream?


  • Like you have favourite things to do, Ariel Pure has hobbies too! Here are some things she loves: 
  •  Acting: Ariel loves to act! It’s not just her job; it’s also her favourite thing to do. 
  •  Modelling: Like playing dress-up, Ariel loves modelling and wearing pretty clothes. 
  •  Dancing: Did you know Ariel loves to dance? It’s a fun way to exercise and express herself. 
  •  Reading: Ariel enjoys reading. It’s like going on an adventure without leaving her home! 
  •  Travelling: Ariel loves to visit new places. Each place is a new story waiting to be discovered! 
  • Just like Ariel, you can find fun in many things. What are your hobbies, kids?

Interesting Facts About Ariel Pure 

  • Kids, are you ready for some cool facts about Ariel Pure? Here they are:
  • Ariel is an Aries. This star sign is known for being bold and confident, just like her!
  •  She was born in the Dominican Republic. It’s a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea! 
  • Ariel is tall for a woman. She’s 5 feet 7 inches high, about as tall as your dad! 
  •  Besides acting and modelling, Ariel loves to dance. Maybe she’ll show us some moves one day!
  •  She also enjoys reading. It’s a great way to learn new things and have adventures! 
  •  Even though she’s a big star, Ariel is private. She doesn’t share much about her personal life, and that’s okay.
  •  It’s important to respect people’s privacy. Isn’t Ariel just fascinating?


You may have questions about Ariel Pure; we’re here to help answer them! 

 “When was Ariel born?” 

Ariel Pure was born on April 15, 1996. At this time her age is 27 years old as o. 

“How tall is Ariel?” 

Ariel Pureis quite tall! She’s 5 ft 7 inches, or 1.70 meters high. 

“What does Ariel do?” 

Ariel is a superstar! She works as an actress and a model. 

 “Is Ariel rich?” 

Well, Ariel Pure has done pretty well for herself. She has a net worth of $2 million! 

“Where is Ariel from?” 

Ariel Pure was born in the beautiful Dominican Republic.


Ariel Pure, born under the Aries sign, is a brilliant star from the Dominican Republic. She’s shown us how hard work can lead to great success in acting and modelling. She teaches us that every inch of our height and each pound of our weight is special, just like hers. 

Always remember Ariel’s journey, which shows us that dreams can come true if we work hard and believe in ourselves. Thanks to Ariel, we know our future can be as bright and beautiful as hers!

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