A Motivational Sensation Michael Mitama

We are going to read about a famous American entrepreneur and Instagram star, M. Michael Mitama. He owns several companies, including HAKAI Brand a lifestyle clothing company, Allineum Crypto/NFT/Exchange, THETA432 Cyber Security, THETA BIONICS, Mitama Mindset Motivational Speaking, M3 Nootropics and has built a small empire of which he uses to assist those in need. As a renowned polymath has been around Latin America advising not only on cyber warfare but tactical warfare too. Forensically, Michael uses ESD Belgian Malinois with Mexican law enforcement to discover hidden storage devices that are used as evidence against human traffickers.

But who is M. Michael Mitama really? There are a lot of interesting things related to him that will actually grab anyone’s attention, being a professional cyber defender, virtual forensics, cybersecurity, tactical advisor, weapons trainer, and hand to hand combat specialist he combines his “ALLSEC” experiences and motivates audiences to go beyond self limiting beliefs and go on the quest of self discovery to achieve everything they want to do. He has assisted with at risk kids to show them life is so much more than the cards they were dealt. He has leveraged his inquisitive mind toward social media and loves to investigate human traits that drive various behaviors that limits their potential. He is captivated with his by various cultures and constantly desires to carve a spot for himself in life, which is what changed into the spark that ignited him to pursue his desires and passion. He has persevered to grow his recognition throughout numerous social media platforms.

Being captivated with his skillset Michael carved out a piece of Latin America where he builds business and constantly advises other executives on the benefits of cyber security. Through this his perseverance grew his recognition throughout numerous countries facilitated by social media and his giving nature. Michael is an inspiring, transparent, and intuitive chief that brings his experience and studies handing over knowledge to those who desire a better life.

He is a former US Army medic and has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His estimated net worth is around $47 Million USD. Climbing, Hiking, Trail Running, Off-Road, Shooting, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai are his favorite pastimes with a facility built in his home to keep him sharp

While Mitama is the CEO of THETA432, a world-class cyber defense company. He was enrolled at the University of Health Sciences in San Antonio, TX while serving as a flight physician in the US Army. His zodiac sign is Aquarius and he follows Buddhism. Mitama’s newest venture is Theta Bionics Corporation, which provides SmartTech prosthetics for children and families who cannot afford the prosthetic technology they deserve.

M. Michael Mitama is an inspiring, transparent and intuitive guide who brings his work experience, life experience and his general inspiration and gratitude to help others discover their true destiny. He is known for coaching and motivating people to transcend into a new version of themselves. He himself is a man who will definitely let you know where you stand with him as he is very upfront with a no-frills attitude. His private life is unknown, nor is it known whether he has children or if he is married. He is of Native American and Western European decent.

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