3DS iOS Emulator Overview & Alternatives

Introduction – Any iOS user will be lucky to get the entire new games from the Apple App store to play it every day. Apple had allowed the users to utilize the numerous games on the 3DS iOS devices (iPad & iPhone).

The Nintendo 3DS iOS Emulator is supported and compatible with iOS versions 11 & 12 that allow the users to install the best 3DS emulators on their devices. You can refer to the below article to get more information about the 3DS emulator for your iOS devices. Read more tech articles in this tech site which provides high-quality tech articles. 

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

We all know that the Nintendo 3DS iOS emulator is one among the closed source network which can be enabled for the users to execute the specific 3DS games on your iOS or Android mobile phones. Asthe Emulator is another one which is still under the development process and came through the various improvements. The users are still experiencing a few issues and as well as bugs. However, you can use the N3DS emulator to enjoy various offers at this moment.

The 3DS emulator will allow the users to get access to the paid games at free of cost. It is possible to download the entire games by using the emulator and enjoy playing the games.

The 3DS emulator’s anti-aliasing feature will improve the games image quality and make them showcase true-to-life. The anti-aliasing feature can be utilized by installing the powerful built-in graphics card on their iOS devices. It also offers other great features like game saving.

The users are allowed to save the current stage or level of their favorite game and replay the same at their convenience. You can find numerous resolutions and also allow the user to play the full-screen mode game and its resolution also varies until 720 pixels.

The 3DS emulator provides the best sound quality and much better when compared with the gaming console. The user can experience the best acoustic environment by using the earphone or any sort of headphone. 

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Features

With regards to the entire emulator, the most preferable one is referred to as 3DS Emulator. You can find various host features such as the ability to download the 3DS games and install the same on your iOS devices.

In case, if you are not able to play your favorite game during the childhood days then you and your friends can play the game using the N3DS (Nintendo) emulator for iOS. This is also referred to as Citra Emulator.

  • You can play the games with your family members, relatives, and friends through an online platform using the Multi-player mode.
  • The users are allowed to customize the game resolution at 720p to make the gameplay much better.
  • The Anti-Aliasing feature is used to make the gameplay to utilize the iOS device’s hardware with the help of the 3DS emulator.
  • Game Save feature is used to save your existing or current game and continue the same for later play.
  • The entire N3DS (Nintendo) games are allowed to play using the Citra Emulator and it is not required to purchase any Gaming Console to play the games.

N3DS (Nintendo) Emulator Download

You can follow the below instructions to download Nintendo 3DS Emulator:

  • Open up a web browser (Safari browser) and download the N3DS (Nintendo) 3DS emulator from any one of the trustworthy websites for your iOS devices (iPhone & iPad).
  • You can use the built-in or any other application to unzip your downloaded file on your device and proceed to install the same.
  • Now, access the Setting menu and navigate to the General category and choose the option named Device or Profile Management. Browse and locate the user profile in which you had downloaded the installation file and press the Trust icon to trust the app’s installation.
  • It is also essential that before you access the game, you need to trust the N3DS profile trusted on your iOS device. If not then you will receive the Untrusted developer error while accessing the N3DS Emulator.

Now, the N3DS (Nintendo) Emulator is ready to access. You can launch the application and download any sort of your preferred 3DS games on your iOS devices.

3DS iOS Emulator Alternatives

Find below the list of few 3DS iOS emulator 2019 alternatives that are available across the online platform:


BlueStacks is one of the best 3DS emulator and mainly focused to play mobile games on your computers. This android emulator allows the users to utilize Android games & apps on Mac and PC. This application runs on Android version 4.4.2 (Kitkat) and has numerous million users to utilize.

The android emulator is compatible and the user can customize this windows app to view either in fixed-size window or full-screen size window on your PC or Mac system. You can experience high-quality performance and much easier to use on iOS devices. Users are allowed to install the games and apps directly from the BlueStacks Apps or integrated Google Play Store.


ARChon is another 3DS android emulator and the first emulator which is compatible with the Google Chrome OS (Operating System). This android emulator also supports other operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.

It utilizes the Android Runtime feature which allows the users to run different types of android applications on multiple operating systems as well. The unique feature of ARChon android emulator is that the users can maintain different games and apps similar to a saved extension.


Andy is one among the best 3DS Android emulator which is a mobile-based operating architecture and compatible with Cloud, Mac, and PC as well. This android emulator can be used to break the barriers between the mobile operating system and your desktop computer.

Andy emulator allows the users to get the latest games and apps directly by using the emulator. This emulator’s operating system will automatically sync with the user’s main account and make it much easier and fast for downloading the various games and apps on your iOS device.


YouWave is also another important android emulator that executes the Android apps and games on your iOS devices and even on PC. With smooth performance, it supports MacBook Pro, Windows XP, 8 & 7 operating systems.

It comes with Android version named Lollipop and the user can download and install any sort of apps and games on their system. It also has a feature of utilizing the SD card (External memory) to save the apps and games on PC. It is much faster in performance and also highly compatible.

Android X86 3DS Emulator

Android X86 is one among the best 3DS emulator and referred to as an unofficial application which assists to port the Google’s Android OS and allows the users to execute the programs on Tablets, Mac, and PC with numerous android features. This android 3DS emulator started a series of numerous patches to utilize as a source for your Android code.

This in-turn allows executing the Android application to run on multiple technical gadgets such as Ultra-mobile, Tablets, Mac Books (iOS devices), and PCs as well. Android X86 emulator is also referred to as an Open Source of Android project and includes the latest Android versions.

IT has new improvements and modifications which assists the users to play multiple Android games and apps from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store on your tablets, Mac, and PC.

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